Close Protection Services

The confidence of the protected persons to carry out their professional and personal lives. 

Service is always tailored to match the individual requirements of our diverse portfolio of clients. This can range from film and music celebrities, to sports players and atheletes

We accommodate individual celebrity appearance security, secure artists on tour and protect the venues in which they operate, along with match day operations, close protection for entire sports teams to a full personal close protection detail including residential security.

National and international consultancy, whether one of our security professionals, a management team, or a complete security team, all give a premium level of service. with a commitment to service excellence.
All our SIA close protection licensed operatives are fully trained with extensive operational experience. The company gives precedence regarding client confidentiality.Any close protection project begins with an individual assessment of the needs of the personality / group / team to provide a bespoke service. 

Advance intelligence and research for tours, venues or a particular event site will establish the appropriate protective details for a particular event.

Given the precise nature, proximity and time spent together implementing close protection, we will be particular in assigning staff with a knowledge of the clients particular sector. So (be they musicians, footballers or actors), Platinum has a wide demography of highly skilled, experienced professionals to implement a confidential, discreet but robust service. They can draw on the considerable security resources being progressively updated across the company to strengthen their daily operational effectiveness when additional risk is identified.

We know exactly what our high-profile clients expect


Yes, complete confidentiality, discretion and an unparalleled level of service is important and all part of the service, but what makes us different is that we’re a global team. We share responsibility, passion and expertise in delivering an unbelievable service.

There are many companies Worldwide, but not many who know this business like we do.

Our mission is to go above and beyond, we work hard to deliver a special experience that’s second to none. We are committed in our belief that quality matters, delivering you the very best!



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